About Black Iron

Black Iron Gym is my 6,000 square foot facility located in Reno, NV. When I opened Black Iron Gym, my goal was to create a “safe place” for both beginners and competitive athletes. When I say “welcome” as people walk into our doors, I mean in. You are welcome at Black Iron Gym, no matter what you may have heard, or what your past experiences at other gyms have led you to believe.

We are not just a powerlifting gym. Or a weightlifting gym. Or a CrossFit gym. We are a gym that welcomes anyone and everyone who is serious about pursuing their goals, whatever they may be, in a friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable environment. As our current members already know, and what we hope you will soon discover, is that excellence is best defined by effort, not outcomes, and true strength is measured by persistence, not personal records. Your goals are no less worthwhile, your progress no less praiseworthy, and your presence no less valuable, even if you never aspire to compete. What we value at Black Iron Gym is hard work, plain and simple.

Success is not exclusive to the athletically gifted, or genetically blessed. Success belongs to those who will commit themselves to the work it takes to achieve it. At Black Iron Gym, you don’t have to do the work alone. Success, however it is defined, is better shared. We hope we get the opportunity to share in your future success as a part of the Black Iron Gym family.